So funny story….

The first Spartan Race my husband and I signed up for was the Ohio Beast.  We had not raced in anything more strenuous than a Warrior Dash prior to signing up for a Spartan Race but we were looking for a new challenge. Or, I should say I was.  We are not elite athletes, we both have full-time 9-5 jobs with 4-children and all that goes with it.  Our workout schedule was sporadic at best, not anything that prepares a person to run even a Spartan Sprint.


When we signed up for our first race, we thought we had selected the Sprint until we received the email notification it was the Beast.  We thought briefly about switching but decided ‘What they Hey…” let’s do this.  We did not know what we were getting ourselves into in the slightest.  That was 2-years ago and I am so glad we didn’t change our minds.


Since then, in that same year 2015 when we did our first Spartan Race, we also accomplished our first Trifecta.  This year in 2017, we achieved our Double Trifecta.  Each races pushes me to try harder, train harder to do less burpees and be a better me.


Remember – You Can Do More Than You Think!


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