Rope Climbs, Sand Bag and Bucket Carries

This past weekend we held a team workout in preparation for Michigan races in September for both teams actually.  Bucket and sand bag carries along the trails went well and no one really struggled.  We started light as were unsure how familiar everyone was with the trails and how comfortable they were carrying something while running, walking.  All-in-all, it went well.

Rope Climbs on the other hand were challenging for all of us.  Technique is important and where most of us struggled.  We had a larger rope (2”) and a smaller one (about 1.5”).  Here are some links to try the techniques yourself.

Both sites include some exercises that will help build those rope climbing muscles.



How to climb a Rope from Redefining Strength

This site I love for all the variations in technique demonstrated along with additional exercises to practice and build strength of the key muscles needed to skill.  Click the link below:

How to Climb a Rope | Redefining Strength


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