Goals – Less Burpees and More Endurance

I struggle with the Rope Climb, Monkey Bars, Multi-Rig, Twister, Ape Hanger and Spear Throw that all require a great deal of upper body strength.  So as I mentioned in my last post, my goal is to strengthen my upper body to learn better technique to minimize my total burpee count.
I have started training at Applied Fitness Solutions.  They offer personal training in a much different format than what others offer.  Nate and Trent, actually everyone I have met at the Rochester Hills location, are great.  They listened to my goals and structured a program I hope will help me achieve a stronger upper body. 
Along with that I ran across a group while running at a local park a few weeks ago. Move-It Fitness is southeast Michigan’s trail running destination, offering everything from 5K to 50K races in Shelby Township and Rochester Hills.  This will definitely boost my running endurance, leg strength.  I have not participated in one of their races yet but almost got run over by a few that were faster than me. 

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