Double Trifecta Success!


Our Double Trifecta is in the books! Yayyy!  The last two races were tough, Michigan Super and Sprint.  It’s not that the layout and terrain was all that tough, well those stairs were killer, it was the time we allowed ourselves in between the West Virginia Beast and the Michigan races, only 2-weeks. 

For some of you this maybe no issue however for us it was just not enough time to recover from West Virginia to the back-to-back race weekend of Michigan.  Our 2017 season is now behind us for recovery and to get stronger.  In the coming months, I will continue to train in an effort to do less burpees! 🙂


Goals – Less Burpees and More Endurance

I struggle with the Rope Climb, Monkey Bars, Multi-Rig, Twister, Ape Hanger and Spear Throw that all require a great deal of upper body strength.  So as I mentioned in my last post, my goal is to strengthen my upper body to learn better technique to minimize my total burpee count.
I have started training at Applied Fitness Solutions.  They offer personal training in a much different format than what others offer.  Nate and Trent, actually everyone I have met at the Rochester Hills location, are great.  They listened to my goals and structured a program I hope will help me achieve a stronger upper body. 
Along with that I ran across a group while running at a local park a few weeks ago. Move-It Fitness is southeast Michigan’s trail running destination, offering everything from 5K to 50K races in Shelby Township and Rochester Hills.  This will definitely boost my running endurance, leg strength.  I have not participated in one of their races yet but almost got run over by a few that were faster than me. 

My Family is Awesome!!!!!

I know many husbands (and their children) have been told to NOT get their significant other anything related to weight-loss, fitness, etc.  I set this wives-tale straight some time ago.  I was more than blessed on this birthday with my family giving Spears with a DIY Spear Throw Target to practice my throws for my training.  I was beyond excited as this is one of the Spartan Race obstacles that is my nemesis.  I have made it once in the past 11-races and the Spear throw has the highest failure rate as well. While I should accept that many others fail, I just cannot.  I need to work on all obstacles where I need to improve.


Excited to practice my spear throws over the next 9 or so months until our next race.

Toronto Spartan Super and Sprint – June 2017

We had a grueling weekend June 24th and 25th.  We ran the Toronto Super and Sprint at Brimacombe just a little north of Toronto.   This was our first experience running a race at a ski resort and to say it was tough was an understatement.

But we did it, both days, and we could not have been prouder of our girls who completed the two days with us.  We were all exhausted, bruised, mud-logged but all in typical Spartan Race fashion.  We met some great people along the course and had a lot of fun.

Our next race is end of August for another Beast so will continue to train and prepare for this race and our 2nd Trifecta!


Good luck to all and Aroo!


Rope Climbs, Sand Bag and Bucket Carries

This past weekend we held a team workout in preparation for Michigan races in September for both teams actually.  Bucket and sand bag carries along the trails went well and no one really struggled.  We started light as were unsure how familiar everyone was with the trails and how comfortable they were carrying something while running, walking.  All-in-all, it went well.

Rope Climbs on the other hand were challenging for all of us.  Technique is important and where most of us struggled.  We had a larger rope (2”) and a smaller one (about 1.5”).  Here are some links to try the techniques yourself.

Both sites include some exercises that will help build those rope climbing muscles.



How to climb a Rope from Redefining Strength

This site I love for all the variations in technique demonstrated along with additional exercises to practice and build strength of the key muscles needed to skill.  Click the link below:

How to Climb a Rope | Redefining Strength


We did it!

We completed our 1st of 6 Spartan Races for our Double Trifecta this past weekend. The Spartan Ohio Beast.  We pushed ourselves and completed in less time than we did our last Beast race, but in a little more time than my solo Beast.

We encountered new obstacles like the Bender which was challenging and fun at the same time.  We did our part helping other Spartans just as on one or two obstacles we received assists in completing a few.  That is one of the things I love about running Spartan Races, the camaraderie and support of other Spartans.  We all cheer each other on and want each other to finish the race.



Welcome to Trifecta Journey!

My name is Deb Rath and I am the Founder of Trifecta Journey.  I created this site to share information I hope will be useful for you as you navigate your life’s journey to being a better you. You will find honest updates, reviews, techniques, tips, etc. that I have found useful in my training as my husband Mike and I pursue our Double Trifecta which we will finish in our home state of Michigan in September.

I hope you find something that benefits you on your fitness journey whether its your first Spartan Race or your thinking about it.

Come back often! Aroo!